Our solutions – off the beaten track

We offer you innovative logistical solutions for commissioning and line supply based on modular hardware and software components – individual turnkey systems. With our patents, ideas and designs we make you fit to face the challenges of the future.

Our approach: First we precisely analyse your logistical processes and your individual requirements. Based on this we develop the best solution for you. How? We always use integrated concepts. This means we plan and produce your individual hardware, we develop the matching software and we connect them to your existing programmes and systems – completely seamlessly of course.

With a tailwind to success

Our solutions are characterised by lean processes and fast amortisation periods of less than 12 months. Our concepts are always based on our guiding principle – poka yoke. With this we set our benchmark to error-free commissioning. With our solutions you will significantly reduce picking errors and extra work. And you can work on more orders than before simultaneously.

We tailor each system to your individual needs. Compartments for picking and putting meet your exact requirements in terms of size and shape. Modifications are carried out quickly and efficiently. The division of larger commissioning zones into sections is flexibly adjusted to suit your order situation, increasing the utilisation of your facilities. So you will become faster than ever before. We not only increase the efficiency and reliability of your commissioning processes, we also optimise your whole internal material flow with our versatile automated guided vehicles. And, because we keep our promises, well-known companies from industry and trade have trusted SAFELOG for over 20 years. We are sure that you too will be impressed with what we have to offer. Simply arrange an appointment for a presentation without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our services to find the best solution for you
  • Recording and analysing your logistical processes
  • Creation of an optimal commissioning concept.
  • Connecting the commissioning system to your ERP, production management or warehouse management system.
  • Integration of the commissioning system in your logistics system and optimisation by combining the processes.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of turnkey commissioning systems.
  • Sustainable support during ongoing operations.
Your advantages with Safelog solutions
  • Error-free commissioning
  • Minimal use of technology.
  • Complete solutions with our own software development.
  • Growing systems.
  • Highly ergonomic automated systems.
  • Customised solutions tailored to your individual needs.
  • Cost optimisation.
  • Time savings (e.g. up to 70 percent per setbox in series production).
  • Fast amortisation less than 12 months.
  • Increase employee performance by up to a factor of 10.
  • Fast training times for employees.
  • Increased efficiency

“What fascinates me again and again about our logistical solutions is discovering new ways to go, far from the beaten tracks.“

Mathias Behounek, CEO SAFELOG and Olympic snowboarder