Those who want to assert themselves in the market need strong partners, whether to expand their portfolio, broaden their target audience, or establish a foothold in new regions. In the past, SAFELOG actively sought cooperation partners and successfully formed partnerships. Among others, with FAW Logistics and WAMECH to improve market access on the Iberian Peninsula and in Eastern Europe respectively. Or, of course, with the TGW Logistics Group, whose excellently developed global network gives SAFELOG a better market presence worldwide. And these are just a few examples among many. Around LogiMAT, we were able to strengthen our partner network with three new partners.

Learning from nature: Opteran’s Natural Intelligence

The cooperation with Opteran Technologies was formalized and contracts were signed a few days before the start of the trade fair. Since Opteran did not have its own booth at LogiMAT, we quickly redesigned an exhibit pedestal and invited the Opteran colleagues to join us at our booth. This way, we could offer interested visitors the opportunity to learn about the new navigation method. Opteran has succeeded in decoding the functioning of the insect brain and replicating it in the robot control software called Opteran Mind. The software dispenses with pre-recorded maps, as is usual with track-based or SLAM navigation, and instead utilizes mechanisms from biology and computer-aided neuroscience for navigation. Opteran Mind is a purely visual navigation software, without a higher control center, network, or background training. The solution also does not require additional infrastructure such as magnetic tracks, QR codes, or reflectors, which accelerates project commissioning. We are looking forward to implementing the software and will keep you updated on the progress.

The new partnership with Opteran was presented at the SAFELOG stand at LogiMAT using a redesigned exhibit pedestal (© SAFELOG).

Bundling technological expertise with Stäubli

Directly during the trade fair, we had the opportunity to publicly announce the cooperation with Stäubli. The partnership entails SAFELOG incorporating Stäubli’s counterbalance forklift FL1500 and mobile platform robot PF3 into its portfolio starting from the second quarter of 2025. In return, Stäubli will receive SAFELOG’s decentralized control software IntelliAgent. This partnership is a perfect match: SAFELOG expands its product offerings and positions itself in a market characterized by increasing demand and technological innovation. For Stäubli, the cooperation opens up access to new application areas and customers by integrating the high-performance AGVs into the extended context of the SAFELOG system landscape.

​Partnership to the third: Gebrüder Schulte Lagertechnik

With Gebrüder Schulte GmbH & Co. KG, we were able to land a third partnership coup during LogiMAT. The experts in warehouse solutions made in Germany are an immensely important partner for SAFELOG, enabling us to develop and offer new solutions for the highly demanded goods-to-person market. Together, we are transforming from product to solution providers, with SAFELOG making Schulte’s shelves mobile with its robots. We are already looking forward to the first joint use cases and will of course report on them.

Partnership to the third! From left: Sascha Lichtenthäler, Sales Manager Schulte Lagertechnik, Ramon Sobeck, Sales Engineer Safelog, Andrea Schulte, Managing Director Schulte Lagertechnik, Gérôme Stemmer, Director of Sales Safelog, Julian Ludwig, Working Student Sales Safelog (© SAFELOG/SCHULTE).

In the future, we will continue to rely on strong partnerships and are therefore actively working on expanding our cooperation network. Further updates will follow.


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