Over 20 years of success

In 2016 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company – we have come a long way. Our first patent for monitoring picking laid the foundation for our business today. It paved the way for numerous innovations and developments over the course of time.

Today we are a medium sized company with over 140 employees and we continue to grow. Our team consists of both young and more experienced staff. With their, often interdisciplinary, training they find the right conditions to develop their creativity and resourcefulness with us. With our motivated employees and our patented industry solutions we have set standards for commissioning for many years. Our logistical solutions enable you, our customers, to make substantial savings in logistics at competitive prices. So that you, and we, are ideally equipped for the future.

We like to enter new territory

Our company history began with the maintenance of test facilities in automotive production. Other customers from the industry followed, and based on the requirements of these customers we developed our first patent for pick-by-light. With the implementation of tailor-made solutions for customers from other industries such as Apollo, Douglas and Gabor, our new patents like pick-by-beamer emerged. The latest of our own developments, which we launched recently, is the SAFELOG AGV, a compact vehicle, which automatically steers agent-based and moves autonomously, a so-called automated guided vehicle. As these vehicles can communicate with each other in intralogistical traffic they belong to the generation industry 4.0. The corresponding development of an android app was based on a joint research project with the Fraunhofer Institut and other well-known industry partners.

However, our growth has not only borne fruit in the increased numbers of employees and customers or patents and innovations but also in geographical expansion. As well as our headquarters in Munich, we now have branches in Bremen and Sindelfingen. So we are always nearby.

“Successfully navigating a company or a sailing ship has a lot in common. It takes experience, stamina and a strong team.”

Michael Wolter, owner of SAFELOG and a passionate sailor.