SAFE(B)LOG: Mobile Robotics Insights

There are many opinions and explanations circulating on the Internet and in specialist media on a wide range of topics relating to mobile robots. Questions such as:

What actually is an AGV or AGV system?
What types of navigation and localization are available for mobile robots?
What safety features are there for mobile robots?

If you are interested in the SAFELOG perspective on these questions and topics, we will regularly provide you with information on the technological background or definitions of controversial terms in this section. The SAFE(B)LOG shows you how we see things.

Automated guided vehicles: Definition, advantages, costs

Automated guided vehicles: Definition, advantages, costs

Mobile robotics, particularly Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems, are now essential for material transport within companies. Used widely in production and logistics, AGVs automate the transport of goods and serve as assembly platforms, facilitating a seamless and transparent material flow. They are pivotal in advancing Industry 4.0. Discover key insights about AGV solutions, explore their varied applications, and understand the cost factors involved, all right here.

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