In the third annual round of the popular reader poll conducted by the trade magazine ‘materialfluss’ (material flow), the SAFELOG AGV M4 was victorious. With a total of over 15,000 votes cast in the battle for the ‘Product of the Year 2022’ award, the mobile transport robot won first place in category 4 ‘AGVs and robotics’.

It takes a lot of patience to qualify for the final round in the readers’ poll run by the trade publication ‘materialfluss’. The application phase for the award started in autumn 2021. Proposals for products and projects in various categories could be submitted until 15 November 2021. Once all of the submissions had been reviewed, the nominees were presented in December 2021 as part of a special issue ‘material flow – WORLD OF INTRALOGISTICS’. Following this, the editorial team opened the voting site to the magazine’s readers.

Various criteria are crucial in order to be nominated

In the run-up to the readers’ poll, the jury evaluated all of the projects and products that had been submitted with regard to various characteristics in order to narrow down the number of participants. Particular importance was attached to innovation and technical improvements. The marketability of the product as well as impressive, fully-developed technology also played a key role. The SAFELOG AGV passed the test with flying colors and the mobile transport robot was also outstanding in terms of customer benefits and improvement of the production process.

The sum of innovations that the automated guided vehicle integrates were a decisive factor in its success in the nomination and in the readers’ poll. The inductive charging system from Wiferion, which is used in all new SAFELOG models, and the specially developed brushless DC motor are particularly noteworthy. The mobile transport robot also scored by having a 15 percent lower unit height of 220 mm, which allows it to drive under and transport almost all commercially available trailers and trolleys.

Product of the Year: SAFELOG AGV M4 wins 1st place in the material flow magazine readers' poll in the category ‘AGVs and robotics’.

Readers had the choice

The decision regarding victory or defeat in the individual categories was made by readers from mid-December 2021. Online voting was possible until the beginning of February 2022. The evaluation of the results kept the nominees in suspense, as no information about the outcome of the readers’ vote was leaked. So, there was a great degree of tension and anticipation until we received the news on March 17 that we were among the three winners in our category. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony was held online by Editor-in-Chief Martin Schrüfer. After the virtual ceremony, the certificate and award were delivered and will be given a place of honor in our Hall of Fame.

Many thanks to the readers of ‘materialfluss’ who took part in the poll, and to the entire editorial team.  (German website)


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