Working together to enhance the performance of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and enable new application concepts – the technology companies SAFELOG and Wiferion are now cooperating as development partners to achieve this goal.

The cooperation means that the intralogistics expert from Markt Schwaben will in future equip all new AGVs with Wiferion’s inductive point charging systems as standard. The energy specialists from Wiferion will consistently develop their wireless charging technology based on SAFELOG’s market requirements.

Development partners: SAFELOG equips new AGV generation with Wiferion's inductive point charging systems as standard
Image: © SAFELOG GmbH

Technology partnership with Wiferion

Simple integration, flexibility and maximum availability – these are the standards that SAFELOG sets in the development of its automated guided vehicles. The company is considered one of the leading producers of flexible and scalable AGVs for internal transport tasks in production and intralogistics. Cooperating with Wiferion heralds the next stage in SAFELOG’s innovation cycle.

With progressively higher levels of automation, the demands on AGVs and peripherals are also growing. “Inductive charging technology will play a key role in the future when it comes to supporting our customers in increasing their productivity in ways that protect their processes,” explained SAFELOG Managing Director Mathias Behounek. “Our mutual goal is to gain additional market share by combining our expertise in the areas of vehicle development and energy supply with intelligent and user-oriented automation technology.

Inductive power supply integrated as standard

Inductive charging technology is integrated as standard in all new-generation SAFELOG AGVs. The energy supply is fully automatic during operation without interrupting the flow of materials. The working environment is not contaminated by abrasion, as is the case with sliding contacts. Process reliability is improved. As with all SAFELOG AGVs, the new AGV models will be equipped with an agent-based control system and communicate with each other in a swarm as well as with the surrounding production and logistics facilities. This eliminates the need for a higher-level control center.

As part of the technology partnership, Wiferion will continuously develop its inductive energy systems. “As a major supplier in the automotive and industrial sectors, SAFELOG knows just how the requirements of tomorrow’s production are developing. We want to react to these signals from the market promptly and develop solutions that meet future needs,” said Julian Seume, CMO and Head of Sales at Wiferion.


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