RED DOT 2020 award for SAFELOG AGV series product design (S2/M3/L1) – International jury also honours product family in new ‘Smart Product’ meta-category – Verdict from the jury: »As precise as they are technologically sophisticated.«

SAFELOG AGV-Family (3 mobil robots) + Label Red Dot Winner 2020 and Winner 2020 Smart Product

Award-winning design

Our AGV product family emerged from the RED DOT 2020 design competition with two (!) awards: the jury of around 40 international experts not only acknowledged the series’ excellent design quality, but they also awarded the range the prestigious design prize in the ‘Smart Products’ meta-category, which was presented for the first time.

Jury statement: “The three AGV S2 / M3 and L1 transport robots were designed for complex logistics processes with both a high degree of precision and technological sophistication. Thanks to autonomous, agent-based control, communication within a system consisting of multiple robots functions perfectly, resulting in highly efficient logistics processes.”

→ Winner’s Page RED DOT
→ Winner’s Page RED DOT Smart Product
→ Exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen from 23 June 2020 to 31 May 2021

SAFELOG AGV – Intelligence in series

Three sizes, one basis – the SAFELOG transport robots AGV S2, M3 and L1 were consistently designed as a ‘family’ for complex intralogistic processes. In a swarm of up to several hundred devices, they communicate directly with each other using an agent-based approach and navigate in space using virtual tracks. The autonomous robots charge independently while running by means of sliding contacts and keep their surroundings in view using laser safety sensors. Illuminated ‘eyes’ indicate the direction of travel. The user-friendly touch display at the front serves as an easily accessible user interface.

As a product family, the fleet is characterized by its exceptionally compact design and its striking appearance with a signalling feature. All three sizes use a common modular system – ideal in terms of value for money and their high recognition factor. The three members of the family complement each other perfectly thanks to different detailed features and variable components depending on the application. They combine quality, form-fit design and intuitive operation. SAFELOG AGV – Intelligence in series.


The RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, launched as a design competition in 1955 by the Krupp company, today offers designers and manufacturers from all over the world a platform to have their products evaluated. In an evaluation process lasting several days, international experts from various fields examine all of the entries. In addition to aesthetics, the materials, workmanship, surface structure, ergonomics and functionality are assessed. After intensive discussions, the jury reaches a decision on the design quality of the products.


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