How long are the delivery times for our mobile transport robots (AGV)?

Flexibility and rapid response are core standards at our company. In designing the robots within our SAFELOG mobile robot product family, we don’t include unnecessary extras, instead focusing solely on maximizing customer benefits and the efficiency of our technologies.

Our proximity to regional suppliers significantly enhances our production speed. Since our components are sourced primarily from local suppliers, they do not need to traverse the globe before assembly. This local sourcing strategy not only supports quicker production cycles but also faster delivery times to our customers.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to maintain short production times and offer delivery windows from just three to twelve months – making us one of the fastest providers in the industry.

Delivery time depends not only on the hardware

Please note that the delivery time for individual transport robots does not directly correspond to the project start date. Planning and implementing an automation solution with automated guided vehicle systems encompasses much more than just the hardware delivery.

Some of these factors include:

  • The fleet size.
  • Infrastructure preparation: Modifications needed within the customer’s facility.
  • Complexity of the application and/or processes being mapped.
  • Delivery times of peripheral systems from other providers.

Remember, the individual robot is just one component of a larger system. The greater the number of AGVs required, the more complex the transportation tasks, and the more intricate the integration into existing processes, the longer the implementation may take.

As general contractors, we also consider additional external factors. We can provide all necessary auxiliary equipment, such as lifts and cranes, through our extensive network of partners, whose delivery schedules must also be accounted for in the project timeline.

Good preparation is the key to shortening the overall duration of your project.

For the implementation of your unique project, we form a team that includes our on-site experts and your employees, who are involved in every step from the planning phase to the go-live.

If SAFELOG is already established in your region, we can introduce our team to you within a week. If we are not yet present in your area, initiating our services may require additional lead time.

Before we begin the implementation of your project, our experts need specific preliminary information to ensure that the transport robots are integrated swiftly and seamlessly into your ongoing operations without disrupting production. A well-coordinated integration concept is vital. The essential preliminary information includes spatial, technical, and organizational factors such as:

  • The condition of the floors.
  • The extent of the power supply.
  • The locations of storage areas and planned travel routes.
  • The weight, dimensions, and material properties of the transported goods.
  • The types of transport aids used (e.g., pallets, trolleys).

These parameters are part of a detailed preliminary analysis that helps in assessing the basic infrastructure setup and in the precise preparation of the entire project process.