Our revolution in price and performance

Our new generation of intelligent, agent-based automated guided vehicles (AGV) are the logical development for creating coherent complete logistical systems.

We have further developed our automated guided vehicles for you, to forklift free and automatic JIS supply of assembly lines with components and kits. The second generation is even more powerful and is characterised by its compact construction and slim design. You can choose from three sizes and a variety of features, which can be freely combined with one another. And when each vehicle recognises the position and load status of all other participants in the system through autonomous agent-based control, you can dispense with external control over a central control centre. In this way you achieve optimal efficiency. Mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones can be used to monitor and change relevant system parameters wherever you are.

Intelligent, agent-based automated guided vehicles from SAFELOG – compact, powerful and versatile | In this picture: the AGV family with the current models S2, L1 and M3 | Photo: Joe Hoelzl

Of course, the AGVs communicate perfectly with our commissioning systems such as beamer shuttle and intelligent commissioning trolleys. They form the basis for integrated, seamless material supply – from process reliable multi-order picking in the commissioning zone to line supply or transport to the dispatch area.

AGV S/M/L – Special features of the 3 models


  • Especially compact vehicle.
  • Very low, only 260 mm high, well-suited to driving underneath
  • Turns in an aisle width of 0.8 m.
  • Variable set ups for transporting boxes, lifting and lowering boxes or as a module for turning crates.
  • Transports up to 500 kg.


  • Forward and reverse movement possible.
  • Very low, only 260 mm high, well-suited to driving underneath
  • Electric lifting bolts for connecting and releasing trailers.
  • Transports up to 1,5 t.


  • Omnidirectional.
  • Variable structures for transporting load carriers, lifting and lowering.
  • Lifts loads up to 1,5 t.
  • Transports up to 3 t.
Overview of features in general
  • 3 different models S/M/L.
  • AS-i and CAN bus technology.
  • Agent-based control using single-board computer without external control centre.
  • Swarm operation of up to several hundred vehicles possible.
  • Control of external AS-i Bus components (e.g. for commissioning tasks).
  • Link to other systems (e.g. beamer shuttle over WLAN, EnOcean wireless technology, RFID components).
  • Battery operated, 3 shift operation without battery change possible.
    (Charges in a few minutes with Boostcap-Technology and sliding contacts.)
  • 7“ touch display for ease of use and display for vehicle status.
  • Agent-based control for communication between vehicles.
  • Optional link to control centre system and external peripherals.
  • Speeds up to 1.0m/s.
  • Modular design with components.
  • Complete solution with software, control, charging station and tracking.
  • Safety control with AS-i safety.
  • Information transmission using RFID data carriers.
  • Can be disengaged from motor (AGV can then be pushed.)
  • Precise magnetic tracking with double sensor.
  • Safety laser sensor.
  • Operating panel for manual use of basic functions.
  • Can be extended with battery-free wireless switch (e.g. for drive commands), external trailer hitch (top and bottom opening bolts), light switches, lamps etc.
Your advantages
  • Coherent overall logistical concepts from a single source in combination with SAFELOG technology
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Prevent accidents.
  • Unrivalled value for money