The VDMA AGV Mesh-up, which is held as part of the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS and the IFOY TEST DAYS, is a fixed date in the SAFELOG calendar. The application for the IFOY Award in the “Integrated Customer Solutions” category, which SAFELOG tackled together with Mercedes-Benz for the first time, was a premiere.

Competition and interoperability

With the AGV Mesh-up, the VDMA has established a solid component of the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS and the IFOY TEST DAYS in Dortmund in recent years. This year, 8 manufacturers and 1 research institution have taken on the challenge with their mobile robots to demonstrate the performance of the VDA 5050 interface under the control of SYNAOS. The focus of this year’s course was on interoperability and cooperation. The robots were not only expected to navigate within a course but also to interact at transfer stations. We participated in this challenge with the new mobile robot SAFELOG L2, which was successfully mastered by all participants.

With Mercedes-Benz to the IFOY Award?

While SAFELOG is already an old hand at the Mesh-up, we applied for the IFOY Award for the first time. After consulting with Mercedes-Benz, we submitted the project in Hall 46 of the Sindelfingen plant in the category of “Integrated Customer Solutions” for the competition. Once the jury accepted the project for the IFOY Award, we could start detailed planning together with our contacts at Mercedes-Benz. Since we couldn’t bring the project to Dortmund, we decided to shoot a film about the mobile robots and the partially AI-based software solutions in Hall 46. Additionally, we summarized the key facts of the project on a roll-up to provide a compact overview of the framework data. Equipped in this way, we entered the three jury evaluation rounds and were pleased to successfully pass them. In Dortmund, we were therefore honored with the “BEST OF INTRALOGISTICS” certificate. Whether we have won the IFOY Award together with Mercedes-Benz, we will find out on June 14, 2024, at the official award ceremony in Baden near Vienna. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ready for the jury evaluation rounds! From left: Michael Reicheicher (Executive Director Safelog), Pirmin Daberkow (Expert Automation Supply Chain Planning Mercedes-Benz), Mathias Behounek (Executive Director Safelog), Markus Pfender (Manager Supply Chain Planning, Team Innovations & Standards Mercedes-Benz) and Marcus Stoelken (Senior Manager Supply Chain Planning, S-/E-Class Mercedes-Benz) (Image: © SAFELOG).


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