Fast, lightweight, cost-effective – in three words, that’s the new mobile transport robot (MTR) from SAFELOG, which premiered at LogiMAT 2024. The compact vehicle is particularly suitable for an efficient goods transportation of load carriers, for example, in automated small parts warehouses (ASPW). The AGV with the model designation XS1 is specially designed for the requirements in fulfillment. Its speed makes it the perfect solution to minimize transport times between pick ports and packing stations.

The new mobile robot SAFELOG XS1 was presented live in action for the first time at LogiMAT (© SAFELOG GmbH).

The dynamic in e-commerce is unbroken. In order to cope with the rising number of orders and the associated increase in storage units, more and more online retailers are relying on modern automated small parts warehouses such as the Autostore system. However, even though significant efficiency gains can be achieved with this goods-to-person order picking, the transport of picked goods to packing stations remains a bottleneck. This task is often done manually, resulting in a slow and error-prone process. The mobile robot XS1 provides an automation solution for this, increasing productivity, reducing error rates and being extremely robust in the process.

Compact and fast – even on inclines

The mobile robot is offered in two model variants. Depending on the application scenario, the XS1 will be available with or without a safety laser scanner. The model without a scanner can only be used in closed areas without mixed traffic.

With a maximum speed of up to 4 m/s in the plain, the mobile robot is one of the fastest goods-to-person robots available on the market. Since the chassis is pendulum-mounted, the XS1 can also traverse ramps with inclines of up to 18%. A differential drive enables it to turn on the spot, even on sloping surfaces. Depending on whether the AGV is to operate on inclined planes or not, the maximum top load is 50 kg including the load handling attachment on the incline and 85 kg if the mobile robot only moves horizontally.

In the horizontal plane, the mobile robot can achieve a top speed of up to 4 m/s (© SAFELOG GmbH).

No more errors during assignment

In practice, employees pick customer orders at the ASPW and place the items in the picking containers mounted on the XS1. The items in a container are clearly assigned to a customer order, for example, via a barcode that the employee scans when picking. Subsequently, the mobile robot automatically transports the items to the packaging area. This system makes it almost impossible for a wrong product to be picked and shipped.

No downtimes

Like all mobile robots from SAFELOG, the XS1 model does not require higher-level control station. The robot features an agent-based control system for communication between the MTR and its environment. This allows for efficient operation from just a few robots to fleets with several hundred vehicles. Through the software, the individual robots in the swarm communicate with each other and intelligently coordinate route and task distribution. The decentralized control not only increases efficiency but also enhances process reliability. In the event of a malfunction, only the affected vehicle experiences disruption – the rest of the swarm continues to fulfill its tasks.

 The XS1 is the most compact model in the SAFELOG portfolio and is especially suitable for transporting small load carriers (© SAFELOG GmbH).

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