After the successful events in Q1 and Q2 / 2023, the SAFELOG team didn’t take it easy in the offices in the second half of the year either, but continued to be busy at various trade fairs and congresses. These ranged from recruitment fairs and information days to specialist congresses with exhibition areas, all of which we attended physically or digitally.

Q3 – always on the move, even in summer

The VDMA Info Day kicked off at the beginning of July with a focus on industrial plant engineering. Moritz Schmidt, Head of Sales at SAFELOG, contributed with his presentation about challenges in the commissioning of industrial plants. Using the example of automating the flow of goods from large and small parts warehouses with mobile transport robots at an Austrian sporting goods retailer, he illustrated the course of a project and pointed out potential pitfalls in the planning and implementation process.

To ensure that we continue to be able to realize such projects, the SAFELOG Bremen branch looked around for new talent at the Jobmesse Bremen (job fair in Bremen) at the end of August.
On August 26 and 27, our colleagues were on hand to answer questions from curious visitors about what mobile transport robots are, what they are used for and what software is behind the control of AGVs.

As the highlight of the series of events in Q3, we invited representatives from partners and customers to the in-house event “SAFELOG Mobile Robots Insights” in Markt Schwaben at the end of September.
Mathias Behounek, Managing Director, and Gérôme Stemmer, Director of Sales, gave an insight into current development projects at SAFELOG. Key topics included new mobile transport robots and work on the further development of the SAFELOG software.
However, our guests also shared their experiences with automation projects, explained their strategies with regard to the automation of processes and provided a look behind the scenes of a financing model for an AGV fleet.
The event was very well received both internally and externally and is definitely a format that we will repeat in 2024.

Don’t let up – showtime in Q4

The highlight at the end of the year was definitely the Logistics Summit, which took place on October 11 and 12 at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf. The high-caliber mix of congress and exhibition once again brought together many logistics decision-makers from a wide range of industries this year. In addition to the Main Stage, where panel discussions and keynote speeches were offered, presentations and discussions took place on 4 other stages in parallel. SAFELOG also took part in the Logistics Summit as an exhibitor and with a presentation in the Matterhorn Masterclass. Both the number and quality of contacts and discussions were excellent, confirming the impression from previous years that the Logistics Summit has established itself as an important event in the event calendar of the logistics industry’s executive floors. If you missed the presentation by Moritz Schmidt, Head of Sales, or would like to enjoy it again, you can watch it here.
We will definitely be back in Düsseldorf in October 2024.

Further stations in the fall were the SICK Solution Hackathon 2023 and the HOKO Munich. As in the past two years, SICK AG invited students from all over the world to apply to take part in the hackathon. 107 lucky winners were able to hack IoT solutions in teams for 2 days and pitch the result in front of a jury. SAFELOG participated together with 9 other companies as a technology partner and provided the hackers with 3 coaches and 1 AGV to turn their idea of an IoT solution into reality.
Impressions, photos and videos of the SICK Solution Hackathon 2023 can be found here.

The next opportunity to get young talents interested in mobile robots came on November 8 at the HOKO, which took place this year at Munich University of Applied Sciences. We attended the fully booked job fair with extensive information material to guide students to the SAFELOG stand. There was a great deal of interest in automation solutions and mobile robotics and we would be delighted if one or two of them came back to us.

We were at the last two events in 2023, SPS in Nuremberg and Logistics and Automation in Madrid, as a hidden exhibitor. In Nuremberg, we were able to present 1 AGV each at the stands of our partners Bihl & Wiedemann and STXi Motion from 14.11. to 16.11. At Logistics & Automation in Madrid, 29.11+30.11, we were represented by our partner FAW Logistics. Both trade fairs were very well attended and generated a large number of high-quality contacts.

In general, it can be said that trade fairs and congresses picked up again significantly in 2023. The number of visitors increased noticeably compared to 2022, which was still suffering greatly from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and the quality of discussions and contacts was consistently high. It was remarkable that many visitors approached us at trade fairs with concrete project ideas and came to the trade fair to find out which vehicles could be used to realize their plans.
We are excited to see what the event year 2024 has in store for us.


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