Doing something for the environment and for the market town in which you are located as a company – that is the reason why Michael Wolter, founder and owner of SAFELOG GmbH, decided to take this unusual action. As in many other communities, there is a need for action in Markt Schwaben when it comes to street lighting. Many street lamps are getting on in years and have a high energy consumption. The offer to bear the cost of converting 100 lamps was therefore gladly accepted by Mayor Michael Stolze.

Michael Stolze (Mayor Markt Schwaben), Michael Wolter (Owner SAFELOG) and Martin Behling (Manager Building Department Markt Schwaben) (from left) Photo: © SAFELOG

Energy-saving LED lamps have been used in private households for a long time. In the public sector, they have so far been used mainly for new installations, and the conversion of existing installations to LED takes place only very rarely. However, since only the lamp head has to be renewed for the modernization and not the complete lantern, the conversion can be carried out quickly and relatively inexpensively. In a conversation with Mayor Michael Stolze, SAFELOG owner Michael Wolter became aware of this fact. After a few phone calls, he offered the municipality to cover the costs of replacing the 100 oldest lamps with LED bulbs.

Ralf Schnack (Sales Manager City Siteco), Martin Behling (Manager Building Department Markt Schwaben), Michael Stolze (Mayor Markt Schwaben) and Michael Wolter (Owner SAFELOG) (from left) Photo: © SAFELOG

Many advantages through lamp replacement

No sooner said than done. The LED lamps were procured and the Markt Schwaben building authority arranged for the street lamps to be replaced. The new lamp heads have a service life of 25 years and save 75% of the energy costs compared to the previous models. The electricity savings of the 100 renewed lamps corresponds to an annual reduction in consumption of 44,000 kWh calculated over one year. The new LED lamp heads from Siteco also offer other positive characteristics. The warm white light color proves to be very insect-friendly compared to conventional street lanterns. Due to the optimized downward light emission, less so-called light pollution occurs. This is the brightening of the night sky by artificial light sources. Increasing nighttime lighting in cities and towns disturbs the day-night rhythm of humans, animals and other organisms and can cause health problems. To reduce this effect, lamps are dimmed by 50% between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. in addition to limiting the light cone.

We are pleased that the action has been well received by the community and hope for imitators. Around 750 street lamps in the municipality are still waiting to be replaced.

Photo: © SAFELOG


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