Joseph Dresselhaus GmbH & Co. KG, Europe’s leading supplier of C-parts to industry and retail, is relying on mobile transport robots from SAFELOG for the modernization of its warehouse in Herford. In the first expansion phase, the previously manual transport of pallets and small load carriers will be automated with the help of 60 SAFELOG AGVs of the types AGV X1 tt and AGV S3. Dresselhaus is thus setting the course for an increase in warehouse productivity and safe material flow processes.

The Dresselhaus Group is one of Europe’s leading C-parts specialists with a focus on fastening technology, fasteners, special and drawing parts. In order to accommodate its growth and further increase productivity, the trading company is implementing a comprehensive partial automation of its warehouse in Herford with a start of the planning in spring 2021.

SAFELOG X1 tt Palettentransport (Bild: © Dresselhaus)

New shuttle warehouse and extensive automation

In addition to a new shuttle warehouse, this also includes the conversion of the previously manually performed internal pallet & small load carrier transport to an automated material flow by mobile transport robots. The SAFELOG AGVs also take over the supply and disposal of the small load carrier containers stored in the shuttle warehouse and, in combination with transfer stations, fulfill the function of an automatic pallet warehouse. Dresselhaus uses a total of 35 AGV X1 tt with rotary lift unit and 25 AGV S3 with passive load pick-up. In addition, the picking process is optimized by installing pick-by-light systems at the picking islands.

SAFELOG AGV S3 mit Topload (Bild: © Dresselhaus)

SAFELOG offers a coherent concept

The focus of the modernization was the robust and efficient automation of the processes at Dresselhaus. These were simultaneously integrated into a higher-level material flow concept. For SAFELOG Managing Director Mathias Behounek, the project is another sign that mobile robots are not innovation projects for a few companies, but are mature for the mass market. “At Dresselhaus, you can see very well how successful projects work. Namely, with exactly as much technology as the task requires. This allows us to implement extremely safe and economically profitable projects that are interesting for any size of company.” The commissioning of the SAFELOG components of the remanufactured warehouse is scheduled for September 2023.


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