Synergies open up new perspectives – Flexus AG and SAFELOG GmbH will cooperate in the future to further improve and take forward their customers’ intralogistics processes.

Over the past 25 years Flexus AG, based in Würzburg, has specialised in the optimisation of intralogistic processes. As an SAP Silver Partner, Flexus provides an extensive range of software products, certified SAP add-ons and consulting services. These are based on many years of experience in the field of mobile data collection and the use of forklift and transport control systems.

Integrate SAFELOG AGVs into SAP using plug&play

For fast, smooth and safe use of automated guided vehicles, SAFELOG and Flexus now offer a standard solution for SAP integration and SAFELOG connection based on VDA 5050. The AGV Connect package enables the journeys to be connected and optimised directly from SAP. Depending on the integration package used, it is possible to simply transfer orders, or topics such as error management, map management or integrated optimisation, e.g. hybrid traffic with forklift trucks, tugger trains and AGVs, can all be coordinated directly from SAP. The entire material flow can therefore be transparently mapped in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

Higher-level SAP control opens up potential for improvements

Many intralogistics processes can be improved through interaction between conventional industrial trucks such as forklift trucks or tugger trains and automated guided vehicles. The inclusion of all process participants in a higher-level control system provides the basis for coordinating different devices and enables, among other things, flexible route planning or the monitoring of device utilisation in real time.

Flexus and SAFELOG thus offer the perfect solution for SAP intralogistics. This optimisation of intralogistics processes through cooperation between SAFELOG hardware and Flexus software is particularly of interest to companies that already use SAP ERP or S/4HANA and would like to integrate automated guided vehicles into their intralogistics.

Cooperate on SAP integration of AGVs: Michael Reicheicher, Managing Director SAFELOG GmbH and Stefan Popp, Managing Director Flexus AG | Image: © SAFELOG/Flexus


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