The AGV M4 is the successor to our successful​s SAFELOG AGV M3 model. The automated guided vehicle is more powerful and flexible than its predecessor. Thanks to a specially developed brushless DC motor, the AGV M4 can handle towing loads of 1,500 kg and top loads of 1,000 kg.

The speed is freely adjustable between 0.02 m/s and 1.6 m/s. With a height of 220 mm, the AGV fits under all standard trolleys and carts. It can drive under and connect to tensile loads either forwards or backwards. Trolleys and mesh trolleys are safely coupled and uncoupled automatically by means of a lifting pin and a snap latch. Top loads can be lifted and transported using the optional 4 cm scissor lift. The modular use of up to four LiFePo4 batteries means that the battery capacity can be adapted to the requirements of the process. The batteries can be charged either via sliding contacts or using Wiferion’s inductive charging technology.

The AGV M4 is able to communicate with other transport robots and peripheral systems by means of intelligent, agent-based control. Thanks to swarm intelligence, a higher-level control center is not required, but can be supported if necessary. Thanks to unified process software, the new model is compatible with all SAFELOG devices.

SAFELOG AGV M4, successor to our highly successful model SAFELOG AGV M3 - faster, stronger, better

Image: © SAFELOG GmbH

SAFELOG AGV M4 – Technical data

1460 / 450 / 220 (L/W/H) in mm,
with scissor lift 1460 / 600 / 220 (L/W/H) in mm

230 kg

from 0.02 m/s to 1.6 m/s

In-process charging using the Wiferion inductive charging system

Contour navigation using VLS (Virtual Lane Sensor) or magnetic track guidance & RFID tags

7″ touch display for ease of use and
two 2.9″ E-Ink displays to show device information even in stand-by mode

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