Combine components optimally

We combine our pick-by-light-/put-to-light technology, together with our intelligent commissioning trolleys, shuttles, agent based AGVs and the corresponding software, into a meaningful intralogistical complete solution for you.

Efficient commissioning has been our speciality for more than two decades. In the course of our activities it soon made sense to integrate the upstream and downstream material and transport processes in a meaningful way. With our automated guided vehicles we can, for example, ensure that your goods and components get from the commissioning zone to the production or dispatch areas, safely and error free in a continuous process. Even if stand-alone solutions improve the overall process, only comprehensive analysis, consultation and the joint development of comprehensive material flow concepts and intralogistical complete solutions can lead to the ideal solution. Our experience from hundreds of logistical processes, with customers from a wide range of industries, is the basis of our comprehensive expertise for optimal integrated processes.

You set your targets for sophisticated complete solutions. A challenge, which we gladly accept together with you. After all, success stories are best written together. We look forward to hearing from you.