When every move works – without errors.

The model for all our logistical solutions is the poka yoke principle. Poka yoke is Japanese and means ‘prevent mistakes right from the start’. For us this means we have a consistent zero-error strategy. We offer technical solutions, which pre-emptively prevent errors in commissioning and multi-order-picking.

We design logistics processes so that they are immediately interrupted if there is an error and they can only continue when the employee has corrected the error. The correct solution is of course shown to your employees. With patented technology and the innovative development of commissioning and transport systems and the associated software, we show your employees visually where parts and products are to be stored or removed.

Sensors on the rack or on the commissioning trolley – we always find the optimal solution for you. We put a variety of technical options at your disposal to save the time needed for scanning, confirming, writing and checking off.

Our technology is easy and simple to use. It is so intelligent that it works automatically – and of course error free. Our guiding principles also include taking a completely fresh look at logistics and designing efficient processes. This means we not only save you a lot of time, but also a lot of money. And incidentally, ensure that your customers are completely satisfied.

Hard to believe?

Well-known customers from industry and trade have trusted our expertise for many years. We think our solutions and references speak for themselves.

“For error-free commissioning each move has to be just right. We cannot afford to make mistakes.“.

Michael Reicheicher, CEO SAFELOG and enthusiastic climber.