KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH is a globally active manufacturer of conveyor and filter systems for swarf and cooling lubricants in metalworking and has been producing highly flexible assembly and transport systems for years. The partnership with SAFELOG has allowed KNOLL to expand its range to include automated guided vehicles and thus carry out complete intralogistics projects for its customers. The cooperation started with an AGV project at KNOLL’s headquarters in Bad Saulgau, Germany.

KNOLL systems, whether for mechanical, electrical or software products, are constructed modularly, so that they can be used to create customized solutions. Modern matrix production requires both this adaptability and flexible, automated transport between stationary processing machines or assembly lines. With the help of SAFELOG’s intralogistics solutions, these transport tasks can now be performed in way that fits each application perfectly. The AGVs operate using swarm intelligence, which means that each vehicle has a self-sufficient, agent-based control system that permanently exchanges information with all other participants in the system regarding position and loading status. This means that external control by a costly, central control station is not necessary.

Identifying and harnessing synergies

The concept of swarm intelligence impressed the KNOLL transport system specialists in a benchmark study of various AGV manufacturers – not only for the expanded KNOLL transport system range, but also for an internal intralogistics project at the Bad Saulgau plant. Several SAFELOG AGVs of different sizes are now in use there.

“SAFELOG is a flexible and highly innovative partner whose flexible transport systems fit perfectly with our modular stationary transport and assembly systems. This allows us to develop customized projects for our customers that are easy to adapt at a later date to meet changing requirements,” explained Peter Ludewig, Head of the Materials Management Department at KNOLL Maschinenbau.

“We are delighted that we were able to impress those responsible at KNOLL Maschinenbau with the performance of our AGVs by successfully implementing the project at the Bad Saulgau plant,” reported Mathias Behounek, Managing Director of SAFELOG GmbH. “The fact that we were able to convince those responsible at KNOLL Maschinenbau to enter into a partnership with us as a result is a sign of trust that makes us very proud.”

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Through the partnership with SAFELOG, KNOLL can offer AGVs (automated guided vehicles) in addition to their own stationary assembly and transport systems - ideal for matrix production or similar requirements.

Photo: © SAFELOG GmbH / KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH


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