Safety is the top priority for all company processes. The more participants are involved in intralogistical procedures and processes, the more complex the efficient and safe operation of the individual devices becomes. SAFELOG has entered into cooperation with NAiSE GmbH to safely integrate its automated guided vehicles into production environments with vehicles from different manufacturers.

All SAFELOG AGVs can be integrated into an existing internal transport system using the NAiSE | TRAFFIC fleet manager. Each participant in passenger, goods and vehicle traffic is localized and networked with one another to enable the safe flow of goods in mixed operations. The necessary transparency is achieved using the patented NAiSE localization and communication network. SAFELOG AGVs can be integrated into the fleet without difficulty.

Software enables fleets to operate with AGVs from different manufacturers

The software mediates between the individual devices from different manufacturers and assigns tasks to them. The control systems for the individual manufacturers are not bypassed but supplemented by the NAiSE module so that the specific features of the individual AGVs are retained. This means that the incompatibility of the various control systems has no effect on the system.

Thanks to the agent-based control of the SAFELOG AGVs, which is based on swarm intelligence and does not require a higher-level control centre, integrating the mobile transport robots into NAiSE | TRAFFIC is not a problem.

SAFELOG cooperates with NAiSE GmbH - to safely integrate our AGV S/M/L into production environments with AGVs from different manufacturers.

Image: © NAiSE GmbH


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