The smooth running and precise interlinking of intralogistic processes provides the fundamental basis for smart and sustainable production. With the use of its automated guided vehicles in ›Factory 56‹ in Sindelfingen, SAFELOG GmbH is contributing to the establishment of this type of production environment. As part of the largest AGV project in the automotive industry in Europe, AGV M3 and AGV L1 vehicles as well as pick-by-light order picking systems from the software-based system provider from Markt Schwaben are in operation there.

In ›Factory 56‹ AGVs from SAFELOG transport kits and components between specified loading and unloading points. | Source: Mercedes-Benz AG

Image: © Mercedes-Benz AG

Intelligent order picking systems and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for smart intralogistics solutions

The mid-sized company SAFELOG is a provider of smart intralogistics solutions, it develops and produces intelligent order picking systems and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The logistics expert currently offers three different sizes of AGVs: the AGV S2, AGV M3 and AGV L1. Among other things, they are used in production environments to supply assembly lines or production lines with material for kit processes. Using an integrated intralogistics approach the kits can be loaded in a picking zone using intelligent SAFELOG pick-by-light order picking systems.

The processes are monitored by control software developed by SAFELOG. This is customized for each customer to ensure error-free picking and provides the interface to the customer’s ERP system. It receives the order data and transmits all processed orders back to the host system in real time. It also controls the processes of the pick-by-light systems and all picking processes, from operator registration and picking procedures to special functions such as correction or inventory processes.

After order picking, the AGVs transport the kits to specified destinations and return empty material containers to the picking zone so that they are available for further order picking processes.

AGVs also used for processes that do not involve kits

SAFELOG AGVs can also be used in processes that do not involve kits. Goods can be transported between specified loading and unloading points, for example from delivery to the warehouse. The SAFELOG AGV S2 and M3 models can connect trolleys or trailers for transport using a lifting pin, the AGV L1 has four lifting pins that can be used to lift Euro pallets after driving underneath them.

The control and communication of the SAFELOG vehicles is based on swarm intelligence, so that route coordination takes place as needed. Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks are used for the transmission of driving commands as well as for direct, agent-based control and communication between the individual vehicles. The automated guided vehicles are guided in the space by RFID tags, magnetic tracks or by means of a VLS (Virtual Lane Sensor).


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