With Factory 56, Mercedes-Benz is breaking new ground by opening the world’s most modern car production facility in Sindelfingen. At Factory 56, the vision of smart and sustainable production is becoming a reality. SAFELOG was awarded the contract to carry out the largest European AGV project in the automotive industry. With 440 mobile transport robots (AGV) and more than 200 pick-by-light systems, SAFELOG is at the heart of the intralogistics system.

At the new Mercedes production facility 'Factory 56', 440 AGVs from SAFELOG ensure that the assembly process runs smoothly and trouble free. | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Assembly process at Daimler sets new standards

Factory 56 embodies the future of production at Mercedes-Benz and sets new standards for automotive engineering. In the ultra-modern production hall, parts to be assembled are picked centrally in the hall and in so-called pick zones for specific vehicles. Driverless transport vehicles (customised SAFELOG AGVs in Daimler blue) then bring the required parts directly to the assembly site in specially pre-picked kits as required. This way of organising the parts supply makes it possible to have a highly efficient assembly process and at the same time ensures that the correct parts are fitted to the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz thus remains absolutely flexible in production and can respond to new requirements quickly and with little effort.

→ New factory opens on 2 September 2020 
→ Company page on Factory 56


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