Industry 4.0 remains a perennial issue. At this year’s Hanover Trade Fair SAFELOG exhibited in two contexts, once in the context of the Fraunhofer Institute’s stand (Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology), and also at the ‘General factory’ of the Mittelstand 4.0 –Centre of Excellence Hanover (a project supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics).


Industry 4.0 – SAFELOG exhibited with the Fraunhofer IPK

Flexible production with perspective. At the Hanover Trade Fair the Fraunhofer (IPK) Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology presented its research and solutions for medium-sized companies and the factory of the future. From company-wide order management through production organisation to work on individual machines, the tasks and activities of employees in production were redefined along the whole process chain.

Together with other industry partners, using five stations SAFELOG demonstrated how digitally integrated technologies can create structure and an overview in flexibly organised production. At station 4 of the set-up, SAFELOG presented its successful AGV in the context of an intelligent transport management system.

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Hanover Fair
Hall 17, Stand C18
5 to 29 April
Hanover Exhibition Centre

Mittelstand 4.0 – SAFELOG exhibited with the Mittelstand 4.0-Centre of excellence

The Mittelstand 4.0 Centre of Excellence in Hanover, the first centre of its kind in Germany, was launched in January. The Centre for Production Technology at Leibniz University Hanover and the Institute for Integrated Production Hanover (IPH) manage the centre, which operates with the slogan “Digital with us! The Centre for Lower Saxony and Bremen”. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics. In pavilion 36 at the Hanover exhibition grounds the Centre of Excellence presents its ‘General factory for Digitalisation’. This shows intelligent solutions for digitalisation across the whole value creation chain from commissioning to production to delivery.

In this context SAFELOG demonstrates how with innovative technology and minimal technical cost and effort, process reliable poka yoke approaches can be implemented in pick by light commissioning. The focus was on flexibility and scalability based on modular components. This means that technical implementation is also possible on an individually modified scale for medium sized companies.

Mittelstand 4.0 Centre of Excellence »

Hanover Exhibition Centre
Generalfabrik für Digitalisierung
Open Air Site, Pavilion 36
5 to 29 April
Hanover Exhibition Centre